Monday Open Mic Info

Soundcheck Studios Monday Open Mic Rules
- 21+ Only
- Free Admission
-Sign Up For Slots #1-9 @ 6pm
-Bar opens @ 6:30pm
(please stay in the roped off area until 6:30pm)
-Music starts @ 7pm
-Sign Up For Slots #10-20 and overflow @ 7:30pm
-Hard Stop @ 11pm
Please take note of your spot and be ready to play. You're encouraged to tune your instrument and get equipment setup near the stairs during the act prior to yours.
Please try to get on and off the stage as quickly as possible, so everyone gets a chance to play!
We are asking people to sign up for one spot only, and please, do not sign up people who aren't in attendance unless you are a member of the participant’s band.
If you decide to leave before you play, either inform a host or cross your name off the list.
If you wish to be an accompanying musician, sign your name on the list as such. However, this does not guarantee a chance to play as many bands organize prior to the open mic and have never heard you play before!
Thank you very much for your support and understanding.
 -Declan & Tyler