Jambase Presents: As Summer Into Autumn Slips

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Appearing all three nights will be Brad Barr, Andrew Barr and Marc Friedman of The Slip.

Friday the trio will be joined by Nathan Moore and Marco Benevento to assemble “Surprise Me Mr. Davis,” and Saturday and Sunday's performances by The Slip will be headlining sets.

On Friday, Marco Benevento will play a set with the classic Marco Benevento Trio featuring Reed Mathis on bass and Andrew Barr on drums.

On Saturday, Brooklyn-based trio WOLF! featuring Scott Metzger supports and Boston-based collective Club d'Elf supports on Sunday. Nashville guitarist William Tyler will appear all three nights.



The Slip

Surprise Me Mr. Davis

Marco Benevento

Club d'Elf

Reed Mathis

WOLF! Featuring Scott Metzger

William Tyler